The Client Generator

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A simple system to attract and convert your ideal clients.

The Client Generator is a one-hour video Skill Session that features proven strategies to use writing, social media, pricing, social proof, and/or paid acquisition to get more clients.

This will help you:

• Get more clients

• Attract the types of clients you most want to work with

• Earn more revenue per client

• Get more value out of the time and effort you put into content and social media

You'll learn how to:

• Master the 10 principles of client generation

• Write emails and blog posts that make people want to hire you

• Get more powerful testimonials, case studies, social proof, and referrals

• Price your services in a way that converts better and increases your earnings per client

How I came up with this system:

The strategies shared in The Client Generator are based on my experience building a six-figure consulting business that includes a mix of coaching and strategy services.

I've personally used the tactics featured in this Skill Session and include specific examples of how they've helped me attract so many clients I've got a waiting list of people wanting to work with me without doing any cold outreach.

These strategies are applicable - and effective - for every niche and can help you get the most out of the time, effort and resources you invest in your work.

Comments from people who have seen The Client Generator:

• 100% of people who attended the live recording of The Client Generator said they'd recommend it to others

• 100% of people gave it a 5-star rating.

"This was my first Session and DAMN! I took a ton of notes because it was all helpful." - Lisa Avila

"Josh's Skill Sessions help me think differently. I always learn something new. There's always something I can implement right now, and more ideas to implement in the future." - Tom Killen

Excerpts from The Client Generator:

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The Client Generator

2 ratings