The Coaching Kit

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Simple strategies to deliver more value to your clients and create more value for yourself.

The Coaching Kit is a 64-minute video Skill Session that gives you a step-by-step plan you can follow to clarify your coaching offer, get more clients, deliver results, and leverage your success.

This will help you:

• Get more coaching clients (and ones that are a more ideal fit for you)

• Maximize the revenue you earn per client or coaching session

• Improve the results clients get from your coaching

• Avoid business mistakes most coaches make

You'll learn how to:

• Create a clear, compelling offer your ideal clients will want to buy

• Use content, social media, and newsletters to attract your ideal clients

• Price your service in the most effective way

• Create a coaching framework that most effectively delivers your expertise to clients

How I came up with this system:

The strategies shared in The Coaching Kit are based on my experience building a six-figure business coaching creative entrepreneurs for 10+ years in a variety of formats (one-off calls, group coaching, ongoing retainers, courses, etc.).

I've personally used the tactics featured in this Skill Session and include specific examples of how I package my coaching services, use content to attract clients, set prices, get testimonials, run my coaching calls, and more.

These strategies are applicable - and effective - for every coaching niche and can help you get the most out of the time, effort and resources you invest in your work.

Excerpts from The Coaching Kit:

Comments from people who have bought The Coaching Kit:

"Josh shared the coaching framework and "tangible deliverables" that he uses for his Clarity Call coaching sessions.

Also, his guidance about setting the tone and putting the client at ease during the "first 15 minutes" of a call was something I had not considered but can see would be very valuable in practice.

Finally, the "reverse testimonial" technique to solicit from your clients, within their own testimonials, the responses to objections that your prospects may have about buying from something I will implement as soon as possible." - Jake Gray

"In 60 minutes, Josh gave me a scalable framework for both coaching and for better understanding/defining my audience that I will implement for my own business over the next week.

I loved the discussion about pricing confidence because I've been letting my rates slide during a rough few months. I loved the discussion about language because I deal with a people in the financial services business and it didn't occur to me that I might not want to use the word "audit" in my marketing collateral.

I will now test other words. I've been to just about all of the Skills Sessions and think this is one of the two or three best ones. An incredible value." - Peter Osborne

"This skill session is straight to the point and valuable in its content. I’ve been coaching for a few years and I still found it very helpful, especially in regards to being selective with clients." - Avivit FIsher

"I've watched many coaching materials on YouTube, and I didn't expect Josh to surprise me with something more, but he definitely did!

Not only did he thoroughly explain the entire coaching process, but he also shared his own framework, which finally helped me understand the structure that such a client conversation can have.

It's another Skill Session that exceeded my expectations!" - Marek Jankowski

"Sharing this tried and tested framework is gold - not only for coaching, but also for helping us understand how we can better add value to the content we produce." - Catharine Pitt

"Josh never holds back and is always specific and tactical. The stuff comes out sounding almost too simple, which is far different than easy, but he makes it seem both." - Carlos Rosario

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The Coaching Kit

3 ratings