The Relationship Builder

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A system to find and connect with 50 people who can speed up your audience and business growth.

The Relationship Builder is a 55-minute video Skill Session that features 21 proven strategies and tactics you can use to build relationships with people in your niche who can promote your work to their audience, mentor you, collaborate with you, give you opportunities, and/or buy from you.

This will help you:

• Get more exposure for your work without spending money on paid promotion

• Grow your revenue and unlock unique opportunities

• Get more people to approach you as opposed to you having to approach them

• Become better known within your niche and build your network

You'll learn how to:

• Map your niche to identify who would be helpful to have a relationship with

• Create a "showcase" that attracts people to you

• Write outreach emails and direct messages to people that they'll actually respond to

• Secure cross-promotions with people who have audiences you'd like to reach

How I came up with this system:

The strategies shared in The Relationship Builder are based on my experience growing and serving an audience that includes 32,000 newsletter subscribers, 28,000 Twitter followers, and enough customers and clients to build a six-figure business as a solo creative entrepreneur.

I've personally used the tactics featured in this Skill Session and include specific examples of proven strategies I've used to build relationships with successful entrepreneurs/thought leaders, attract customers, and grow my revenue.

These strategies are applicable - and effective - for every niche and can help you get the most out of the time, effort and resources you invest in your work.

Comments from people who have seen The Relationship Builder:

"I love how you structure these sessions: very clear, no waffle, and everything is very actionable. I always leave with lots of notes – and lots of new things to try for myself, and with my clients." - Sheryl Garratt


"Lots of the things Josh said were a good reminder and kick in the ass of what needs to be done. The strategies were helpful for me because it made me ask myself, 'Which one should I add to my calendar to actually do instead of just knowing I should be doing it?'" - Christina Nicholson


"I love the practical call-to-action built into the session. Hmmm, how do I build these relationships? Exactly like this. Step by step!" - Steph Fuccio

Excerpts from The Relationship Builder:

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The Relationship Builder

4 ratings