The Solopreneur Simplifier

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Systems and tools to simplify the creation and promotion of your content, products, and services.

The Solopreneur Simplifier is a 57-minute video presentation that shows you a variety of ways to make your work easier and more effective.

This will help you:

• Get more impactful work done in less time and with less stress

• Discover tools and apps to simplify your work and learn how best to use them

• Overcome the overwhelming feeling that you have too much to do

• Figure out when to hire help, who to hire, and how to work with them

You'll learn how to:

• Use your calendar and To Do list in more efficient ways

• Avoid traps that overcomplicate your work

• Get better at saying no (and make it easier to do so)

• Get help from AI without getting distracted by it

How I came up with this system:

The strategies shared in The Solopreneur Simplifier are based on my experience building a six-figure business as a consultant, newsletter creator, and podcast producer.

I've personally used the tactics featured in this Skill Session to attract and serve my audience of 40,000+ creative entrepreneurs as a solopreneur and include specific examples of how I use these tools and systems to manage my time, make the most of my creations, and grow my audience and business.

These strategies are applicable - and effective - for anyone who wants to get the most out of the time, effort and resources you invest in your work.

Excerpts from The Solopreneur Simplifier:

Comments from people who bought The Solopreneur Simplifier:

"This should be required viewing for any entrepreneur, but especially for we solopreneurs who find ourselves mired in information overload and too much to do. You gave some terrific principles that anyone can apply to their own situation. This was your signature style of a powerful framework, Josh-tested ideas and implementable action steps. I especially appreciated your reminder that we can't do it all, but this Skill Session gave us a way to pare down and work smarter instead of harder. Thank you." - Elizabeth Cottrell

"Simplifying is something I'm always trying to do but it's not always easy, this Skill Session gave me a system to be able to evaluate my processes on a recurring a basis to keep on simplifying them. Love the month a day idea and the TextExpander tool." - Jamie Northrup

"Just completed the Solopreneur Simplifier session – absolutely outstanding! Josh's approach to simplifying things is unmatched. His insights were incredibly helpful, and I took a ton of notes. I can already see the positive changes ahead. Highly recommend for any solo entrepreneur seeking to streamline their work." - Karla Fernandes

"I felt 'seen' when you listed all the reasons people procrastinate or feel disorganized. I tick all the boxes! My favorite new tech you recommended is Text Expander. Your Live Demo inspired me to try the free version." - Kerstin Rao

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The Solopreneur Simplifier

3 ratings