The Content Compass

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A simple system to find share-worthy content.

You don't have to create everything yourself to create value for your audience.

The Content Compass is a 58-minute video workshop that gives you a step-by-step plan you can use to fill your newsletter, social media channels, and blog posts with valuable content your audience will love.

This will help you:

• Write a more compelling newsletter

• Get more engagement and grow your audience on social media

• Spend less time looking for content to share with your audience

• Become an expert in your niche and discover things others have not

You'll learn how to:

• Find great content

• Find valuable people to follow in your niche

• Set up an automated system to get content delivered to you

• Easily store and access your finds

• Choose content your audience will love

How I came up with this system:

The strategies shared in The Content Compass are based on my years of experience growing audiences and businesses with the help of curated content.

In addition to fueling the growth of my For The Interested newsletter to 18,000+ subscribers, I've used this system to help a wide variety of clients find valuable content for audiences as diverse as creative entrepreneurs, startup founders, parents of newborns, punk music fans, home buyers, and HR managers.

The system can be applied - and effective - for every niche and help you accomplish any goal that involves attracting and engaging with an audience.

Excerpts from The Content Compass:

What Buyers Say:

"The Content Compass was an eye opener for me.

Josh showed us where to dig deeper, how to work smarter, and start producing more.

I've already started to implement his suggestions."

- Ken West

"I love that Josh shows you how he does stuff.

Frankly, I get tired of posts telling me what to do.

Show me! This session is killer!"

- Mark Modesti

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The Content Compass

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