The Niche Definer

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A simple system to clarify who you want to serve and how you want to serve them.

The Niche Definer is a 53-minute video workshop that shows you how to identify your target audience based on your goals, interests, skills, and experience as well as how to communicate your niche in a way that attracts and resonates with the people you need to reach.

This will help you:

• Replace the fear and confusion you have about your niche with clarity

• Identify a perfect niche for what you want to accomplish

• Ensure your content, messaging, and products are aligned with your goal

• Communicate who your work is for and how it helps them in a simple way

You'll learn how to:

• Find a unique niche for yourself

• Focus your efforts on attracting your ideal audience

• Use a "Niche Definer Grid" to identify a niche that fits your skills, interests, and experience

• Avoid common traps that make most niches ineffective

How I came up with this system:

The strategies shared in The Niche Definer are based on my experience reaching millions of people with my content and products across a variety of niches I've embraced over the years, culminating in my focus on helping creative entrepreneurs grow their audience and business.

I've personally used all the tactics featured in this workshop and include specific examples of how they've helped me identify my niche, communicate it to my audience, and build a successful business.

This system is applicable - and effective - for every niche and can help you get the most out of the time, effort and resources you invest in your work.

Comments from people who have seen The Niche Definer:

• 100% of people who attended the live recording of The Niche Definer said they'd recommend it to others

• 88% of people gave it a 5-star rating. (The other 12% gave it a 4-star rating)

"I've bought other courses on defining niches and all the rest of it. This has been probably the clearest I've ever seen. Very clear, concise, and actionable session. Josh mapped out how to define your niche in simple and effective steps. Tremendous value and highly recommended." - Klaus Krauter

"It was great at making it very simple to determine whether or not you HAVE a strong niche and what to do to make yours clearer if you don't. I particularly found the section on how to communicate your niche helpful as he gave a checklist of do's and don'ts that I was quickly able to run my ideas about taglines against." - Ellen Donnelly

"Got loads of insights – it's the best niche explanation out there." - Karla Fernandes

"The emphasis on niche as always changing, either because of failure or success, and that you can change it, is freeing. This was an extremely clear, compelling, and practical to implement session." - Nathan King

"It was helpful and inspiring to hear Josh's ideas and experience. What particularly struck a chord with me was the idea of any niche is better than no niche." - Slavina Zhelezova

Excerpts from The Niche Definer:

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The Niche Definer

10 ratings