The Podcast Booker

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A simple 5-step system to get yourself booked as a guest on podcasts.

The Podcast Booker is a 65-minute video presentation from award-winning journalist and PR agency owner Christina Nicholson who shows you how to find, connect with, and get booked as a guest on podcasts to reach your target audience.

This will help you:

• Get booked as a guest on podcasts of all sizes

• Find podcasts your ideal audience listens to (including ones you didn't know existed!)

• Get more value out of any podcast appearance you make

• Get coverage from non-podcast media outlets using the same approach you use to get booked on podcasts

You'll learn how to:

• Figure out exactly who listens to what podcasts (the answers will surprise you!)

• Create a pitch that makes you stand out and gets you booked (with templates you can use!)

• Overcome any imposter syndrome that holds you back

• Get your key message across when you appear on a podcast

How Christina came up with this system:

The strategies shared in The Podcast Booker are based on Christina's experience getting herself and her clients booked on hundreds of podcasts such as The Smart Passive Income Podcast, The BossBabe Podcast, and Creator Science.

She's personally used the tactics featured in this Skill Session to generate media coverage from places like CNN, Fast Company, NBC News, Entrepreneur on Fire, and more.

These strategies are applicable - and effective - for anyone who wants to get booked as a guest on more podcasts, regardless of your niche or industry.

Excerpts from The Podcast Booker:

Comments from people who have seen The Podcast Booker:

"Christina gave a clear 5-point path for successfully getting booked on podcasts. I've helped clients get on podcasts before and these 5-points are a fantastic, no-brainer way of describing what works best. I wish I knew points #2 and #3 sooner (especially the "3 N's" to include in your pitch) as they are especially helpful in landing podcast appearances!" - Paul Morrison

"Christina's knowledge and experience helped me see this was an easier 'hill to climb' than I thought before the session. She provided actionable tips that a rookie can use to get started." - Mark Wiggington

"Christina shared some amazing specific tools to help me get booked as a podcast guest. I especially like the swipe file with specific talking points to pitch myself as a guest." - Marty Wolner

"Christina's perspective and methods for doing what she does was super useful." - Carlos Rosario

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The Podcast Booker

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