The Product-In-A-Day Creator

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A system to create, launch, and sell a simple product in a day.

The Product-In-A-Day Creator is a one-hour video Skill Session that features five types of products you can create with minimal effort to monetize and provide value to your audience.

This will help you:

• Earn money from your expertise and/or audience

• Surface members of your audience who are likely to purchase bigger products or services from you in the future

• Avoid spending more time creating a product than it's worth

• Overcome the things holding you back from creating and selling a product right now

You'll learn how to:

• Come up with an idea for a product your audience will love and that you're able to create in a day

• Make it easy to handle the product logistics including product payments and delivery

• Pick the right price for your product

• Launch and promote your product to your audience

How I came up with this system:

The strategies shared in The Product-In-A-Day Creator are based on my experience selling a variety of products online over the past decade which have helped me grow a six-figure business as a creative entrepreneur.

I've personally used the tactics featured in this Skill Session and include specific examples of products I've successfully launched and how I created, built, and sold them.

These strategies are applicable - and effective - for every niche and can help you get the most out of the time, effort and resources you invest in your work.

Comments from people who have seen The Product-In-A-Day Creator:

"Two of the product ideas Josh discussed had never occurred to me and I can easily do them in one day. I brainstormed the bullet points immediately after the session! Thanks for making this so easy!" - Karen Barnard


"I’ve been struggling with the best way to turn my content into revenue while I build my audience. I purchased Josh’s Client Generator Skill Session in late September and found it so useful that I immediately purchased the full-year subscription.

Product in a Day was the first session I’ve attended live and it far exceeded my expectations. The 30-minute presentation was succinct and actionable…and THEN Josh spent the next 30 minutes helping attendees develop specific product ideas. I anticipate this one session will return at least 10X what I paid for the entire subscription before the year is out." - Peter Osborne


"Josh provided frameworks for coming up with a product in a day -- creativity happens within constraints and the constraints provided sparked a ton of ideas, not to mention ways of packaging and promoting products I hadn't considered. This session feels like the kicker to finally start promoting digital products, without the overwhelm and fear of it not being perfect!" - Ellen Donnelly


"Straight to the essence: Clearly explained, actionable advice, with lots of angles to approach things from." - Andrew Chapman


"I wasted a lot of time and money to understand how to create info products - you saved my future investments." - Shailendra Vijayvergia


"The 'challenge' to make it quick (so you won't get bogged down) and the pricing information were helpful. The review of 5 Product types was good info as well. I'm encouraged to take the challenge." - Becky Waters


"Great information summarized in a way that was simple to follow and easy to implement." - Jay Rombach

Excerpts from The Product-In-A-Day Creator:

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A one-hour video presentation.

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The Product-In-A-Day Creator

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